Thanks to substantial investment in new technology, Frambati & Co. can offer their clients a vast range of food processing systems, guaranteed by continuous assistance, to ensure that top operating conditions are maintained at all times. Frambati's technical and commercial staff are also available to provide information, advice, maintenance or to meet specific requests.


 Reception/storage of liquids

Reception lines for transfer of liquids such as milk, cream and fruit juices from tank trucks to storage tanks.

 Preparation of special product mixes

Liquid-powder and/or liquid-liquid mixing systems for the production of cream, béchamel sauce and fruit juices.

 Chemical wash

C.I.P. (Clean in Place) chemical wash systems designed to suit the needs of small, medium and large facilities.



Totally or partially automatic H.T.S.T pasteurizers for thermal treatment of milk, cream, yoghurt and fruit juice.


U.H.T. sterilization

U.H.T. sterilizers for milk, cream, béchamel and fruit juice with “direct” and “indirect” system to guarantee quality and safety.


Aseptic storage

Tanks for intermediate aseptic storage of food products (milk, cream, béchamel, fruit juice) before packaging.


Milk processing (Cheese factories)

Production plants for Parmigiano Reggiano, soft cheese, yoghurt and mozzarella with a revolutionary draining system.


Cream processing (Butter factories)

Complete plants for cream processing and butter production designed to enable traceability over time.


Spray Cream processing

Fully automatic systems for filling, gassing and capping spray cream cans in an aseptic environment.


Frambati & Co. designs and makes automated plants for processing dairy products and vegetable cream.
When you choose Frambati & Co. you are sure to get customized solutions guaranteed by complete, reliable service and constant technical support.



Food Processing Plants
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